Family’s is a sustainable sanitation system and service alternative. Family’s is the trademark of the social enterprise x-runner Venture, internationally recognized for its successful and ambitious role in transforming the problem of sanitation in Peru. Its system provides suitable toilets to homes without access to running water, allowing residents to enjoy a better quality of life.

Family’s is also a team that works day in and day out to reach this transformation and to create an impact. Anyone wearing a Family’s shirt, vest, or credential is part of our team that works to improve Lima’s sanitation situation and firmly believes in the ability of our system to generate growth in households without access to this basic service.


Our system consists of three key elements: a dry toilet, a waste collection service, and a composting process.

Our Product: Dry Toilet

We provide a comfortable, portable, sturdy, durable, and easy-to-use waterless toilet. Our toilet has a mechanism that separates urine from feces, creating a cleaner and more hygienic environment by slowing down the decomposition process that would normally take place when both elements are combined, as in an open-pit latrine.

We install these toilets in the homes of our users and then train household members on the proper use of the product and on good hygiene practices.

Our Service: Weekly Collection

Every week, we collect the waste generated by our users in their dry toilets. Our team runs collections in each of the communities we serve to assure that no solid wastes accumulate in the homes of our users. The service creates a more hygienic environment inside of the home, preventing foul odors, toxic gases, mosquitos, and rodents. This reduces the frequency of family members contracting diarrhea and infectious diseases that they would be exposed to without proper sanitation systems installed.

Composting Process

To ensure the proper waste management and to promote environmentally responsible practices, we transport all of the collected waste to a treatment plant where it undergoes a meticulous composting process that it turns into compost (organic fertilizer). This creates a positive environmental impact by preventing waste from ending up in landfills and by reducing soil contamination normally found in households with open-pit latrines. The sustainable cycle ends with our compost fertilizing gardens across Lima.


What do they include?

Dry toilet installation and training.
Weekly pick-up service.
Technical assistance.
Weekly delivery of materials.

What is the monthly investment?

Standard package: s/. 39
Package for families with 1 – 5 people
Gold package: s/. 49
Package for families with 6 – 12 people

Does not attract flies

Does not emit odor

Saves water

Keeps the ground intact

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